Barrio del Mentidero

Mentidero’s Barrio is a very quiet area with charming gardens and squares, ideal for enjoying of a relaxing walk or sitting in one of its terrace bars in the Mentidero Square, where the tapas atmosphere is excelent, and where children can play meanwhile parents can enjoy some drinks.

The Mentidero Square is the backbone of a neighbourhood that got underway in 1755, to complete the city between San Antonio Square and the barracks of Carlos III. Here it also took place the promulgation of the 1812’s Constitution of Cádiz.

Also, the Genovés Park, botanical garden, is the zone with the most extensive green area in the old town. One of the main features of the park is La Gruta, a lake with a waterfall where different species of bird are to be found.

To Stand Out

º You shouldn't miss eating tapas or some drinks in the evening in Mentidero's Square. Vibrant atmosphere with the fountain's water sound behind.
º Having a walk throughout the Genovés Park during the day, will offer you a great feeling among their botanical garden, and discovering pigeons and some other species of birds.