Barrio del Falla

Teatro Falla

The Falla’s Barrio, and also El Balón, is an area in the historic centre of Cádiz. It’s placed at the end of the city, between Mentidero y La Viña.

Here you can visit the Santa Catalina’s fortification, placed by the Caleta Beach, which at present is being used for cultural events, like Alcances film festival.

Here also you cannot miss the astonishing Gran Teatro Falla, placed in Fragela square, by the Medical faculty.
The month of February, Cádiz celebrates a great Carnival Festival, where a competition takes place in the Gran Teatro Falla, where satirical groups of performers called chirigotas sing with music where their lyrics are in the center of the carnival.

Barrio Falla

To Stand Out

You shouldn't miss this this and this.
Even more, have a walk throughout the venue and check out the views from the viewpoint.