Barrio de San Juan y Callejones

In this area we will find a great commercial activity. It’s placed between the cathedral and La Viña.

The main place I’d pinpoint is the Plaza de las Flores. A gorgeous small square where you can find a flowers market. There are some restaurants, and the Post Office, placed in one old building of the city.

By its side, we will find the City Market, or Mercado de Abastos. This is where fresh food is sold, like fish, vegetables, meat… among other international food stores you may find there. Beautiful building  restored in 2009. Opened all mornings excepting Sundays.

Moving forward, in Hospital de Mujeres street, we will find a building with its same name, where also we will find Nuestra Señora del Carmen chapel a beautiful building from 1736 with the typical architecture of Cádiz of the time.

If we want go shopping, we may want start in Palillero square. A place that connects Ancha street (to its left) and Columela street (to its right). Two streets of the city, full of shops of all kinds.

To Stand Out

º You should not miss the beautiful atmosphere of Las Flores square, always full of people.
º The best place for eating Churros, wether for having breakfast or for afternoon coffee time.
º You would like visiting the local market place. There you will find local products at good prices, and also you will discover the huge variety of fish and seafood from the province.
º If you are looking for shopping, Palillero square is a great starting point, in the middle of Ancha and Columela street.