Barrio de San Francisco

In this area we can actually find three different barrios or neighbourhoods: San Antonio, San Francisco and Mina.

San Antonio square is a backbone of the city, connected with calle Ancha, and close to Mina square, ending in San Francisco square. Here you can find the beautiful San Francisco church, finished in 1890. We can also find the old Banca Aramburu, a splendid building from 1910; and also the old Casino from the 18th century with  sublime neomudejar inner rooms and courtyard.

Ancha street is a pedestrian street that connects San Antonio with Palillero square. Adding to this Columela street, we have here a shopping triangle, an area full of  shops where you can buy from clothes, books, to typical city souvenirs.

Once we reach Mina square, where we will see it’s a different place, full of trees, children playing and birds singing. In this square we will find the Museo of Cádiz, that gathers all the history of the city. From the greeks or phoenicians, first colonies in Gadir, or later on by the romans, who called it Gades, the origins of the current name of the city.

In this square also you will find in the number 3, the house where the music composer Manuel de Falla was born.

If we carry on, we will end up in San Francisco square, placed in the inner old city centre. In this emblematic square we can find its church, baroque style, with its same name.

In closing, we cannot miss talking about España square. Here we will find a big garden but with an emblematic and iconic monument dedicated to the first constitution in Spain, from 1812. All the city still remembers their battle against the French troops, and how meanwhile they developed, within the besieged city, the Constitution of 1812.

To Stand Out

º Visit the San Antonio square, a place with a lot of old palaces around, and the beginning towards Ancha street.
º If you want to go shopping, Ancha street, Palillero square and Columela streets is your place, lot of shops to visit and buy some souvenirs from the city.
º Mina square is a cosy place, with a different atmosphere. You might want visit the place and have some ice-cream once there.
º San Francisco square is a small place, very close to Mina, a nice place to sit and have some drinks.
º You should not miss the emblematic Monumento a las Cortes from España square. All the history of the city revolves around the first Spanish constitution from 1812.