Barrio de la Viña

Iglesia de la Palma

The Viña’s Barrio, by the Caleta’s Beach, is the neighbourhood of Carnival par excellence. During summer evenings its streets get crowded of terrace bars from the big amount of bars that there are in this area, where you can enjoy the Cadiz typical dishes, like Pescaito Frito (fried fish range).

There you can also find La Palma church. Built in the 18th century, has a circular floor and baroque style.

This are is not far from the Caleta beach, placed between the Santa Catalina and San Sebastián fortifications. Both of them can be visited.

Barrio de la Viña

To Stand Out

° Virgen de la Palma street is stunning, full of tapas bars and with a outstanding view of all the palm trees in the street and the church in the bottom.
° Spend a morning in Caleta beach or share a sunset might be something to not miss while visiting the city.
° The walk that connects Cádiz with San Sebastian fortification is a nice walk, and can offer you nice views from Cadiz and from Caleta.